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GTO strives to define the standards in the non-toxic pest control industry. Our electronic pest monitoring system uses a unique combination of known technologies. Globally, GTO is becoming synonymous with environmentally safe pest control and will be the industry’s preferred partner.


To Think Outside the Box - Inside the Box


GTO aims to be one step ahead of future pest control. We dare to keep evolving our products, continually testing state of the art technologies and constantly scrutinizing our system to make wise and sustainable improvements.


The sun never sets on GTO


Across 4 continents, from Australia in the East to the United States in the West; GTO is combatting pests with improved efficacy, efficiency and security. GTO is gaining partners each year. We are currently present in 15 countries and still have room for more! Contact us to be part of our GTO family.



In 2005, GTO was founded by Per Roennau, who had the early vision of offering the PCO industry non-toxic alternatives to the traditional pest control. His vision was supported in the following years by authority demands from the EU, who aimed to protect the environment and limit escalating problems with rodenticide resistance by bringing the focus onto reducing the amount of rodenticides used.


The current GTO system has been in operation since 2010 both in Denmark and throughout the world.


In 2015, to ensure a generational change in GTO, as well as reinforce rollout worldwide, Per Roennau sold the company to the multi-industrial investor, Coreprax. The change in ownership consolidates GTO’s position as one of the definers of future industrial standards.

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