GTO delivers state of the art electronical monitoring of rodent activity.

The GTO system is a wireless solution, a mesh network, build on Zigbee radio technology. All installation of hardware is “plug & play” which means that no extraordinary skills are required to install or operate a GTO system.


Sensors can be placed in existing traps/bait stations around any facility.

The sensors detect when rodents visit the stations and an alarm is send automatically to a server. When the server receives the alarm, a generated mail is send to the PCO technician with all information needed for handling the situation. Alternate a daily report can be selected; all alarms will then be reported i.e. 6:00 A.M.


It is possible to generate HACCP reports directly from the system, or get API data directly to your own service platform.



GTSensors are wireless devices which easily can be integrated in any existing trap/bait stations for detecting rodent activity.


We offer GTSensor in two versions:

- GTsensor 1.0 - motion detection only

- GTSensor 2.0 - motion and vibration detection


The holes on each side fits the GTO bracket, which makes it possible to mount the GTsensor in the stations.


All GTsensors have a built-in motion detector to determine if a rodent passes the scanned area below.

If a rodent passes the GTsensor this will be detected and an alarm will be send over the wireless network.


The 2.0 version of GTsensor has an extra feature for detecting vibrations.

This can be used to detect if i.e. a snap trap has been released or the statin has been hit heavily.


GTSensors are powered by a built-in battery. Life time of the battery is approx. 1-2 years. The batteries can easily be changed.



GTConnect is a specially developed computer that collects data from the GTSensors and sends them to the main server for processing. When the GTConnect is plugged in, it automatically starts up and establishes the GTO wireless network.

Only one GTConnect is needed for an installation and all GTSensors sends data to this device.


GTConnect sends data over the Internet using one of following connection types:


- LAN connection to company network (wired)

- WiFi connection to company network (wireless)

- 3G/4G USB-modem (SIM operated wireless connection)


The decision on what type of connection is optimal, lies within the end-user’s demands.


If the connection to the server fails, the GTConnect stores all information from the GTSensors internally. When the server connection is re-established the data will be uploaded to the server automatically.


GTConnect has a built-in display for monitoring data and other information from the GTO solution.

Two push buttons on the front of the GTConnect can be used to navigate through the information.


GTConnect comes with an external power supply.



In larger installations it will be necessary to expand the wireless network for the sensors. The wireless range of the GTSensor solely depends on the environment it is placed in. If the distance between the GTsensor and the GTConnect exceeds this, the GTLink can be used to enhance the wireless network.

The GTLink works as a repeater and forwards all the received information from the GTSensors to the GTConnect.


GTLink comes with an external power supply.





Consists of the WWW portal “GTOnline” and the “GreenTrapOnline mobile app” (which can be downloaded from AppStore or Android Market)


In the portal your back-office can monitor and control all the GTO equipped installations.  This include configuration, grant of access to technicians or end-users, report generation, creating new installations etc. The new GTO portal is built on Microsoft cloud solution, which guarantees you a safe and reliable system.


The GreenTrapOnline (GTO) app is the technicians working tool. With the app they can configure control points during the installations. When coming on-site for inspection they can take pictures of the catch, which will be stored for future documentation and reporting.



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